When you eat of if your eyes will be opened,
and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.

Love in the Morning is an elegant and sensual liqueur, the forbidden fruit that will make you succumb to the temptation and finally abandon the ignorance and security of the Garden of Eden. We have bottled the sweet and electric essence of the first seduction. A single drink of our elixir will awaken your senses and you won't want to go back to the tasteless naivete of paradise.

The snake is the symbol of Love in the Morning and the electric flower in the center as forbidden fruit, its identity seal. The sinuous shape of the reptile and its subtle and elegant movement seduces us, and the flower, which the animal surrounds with its body, represents desire.

Succumbing to the temptation can save us, like the antidote created from the snake's poison, that is why our liqueur is a beverage of contrasts. In Ancient Greece, besides the danger of its bite, our ancestors saw in the snake a symbol of medicine, due to its ability to shed its skin and regenerate.

The result is this exquisite design inspired in an old apothecary bottle. The white shape of the animal, in slight relief, stands out over the dark glass. Love in the Morning drinks from the past and peeks into the present, that is why we present it in a package that highlights the complexity of our drink and it adds up to the stimulation of all five senses.

A gift for the palate and for the eyes that will make you experiment an electric awakening.


Our electric flower and red berries liqueur will make you vibrate thanks to our original recipe and craft production with 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial coloring.

The secret of our drink is the infusion of the electric flower in sugar cane alcohol. This tropical plant, originally from Brazil and Peru, is also known as the electric flower for the incredible effect it produces on the palate: the initial spicy feeling is followed by a stimulating tingle, which gives name to this exotic flower.

We carefully carry out each one of the production processes, from the ingredient selection to the distillation process, to achieve a maximum quality craft drink. First, we grow the electric flower in our own gardens and we choose the best flowers during the summer. Next, we complete the formula with delicious strawberries and raspberries: the fruits of the forest add the rosy color so characteristic of our liqueur, its aromatic variety and its complex taste with fruity nuances. With these ingredients we bring the forest and the rain forest together, to bring you all the sensuality and spontaneity of the earthly paradises, without neglecting the sophistication and elegance of the process to obtain an authentic and craft product.

Be tempted by Love in the Morning and discover Eden in a bottle.

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