The Electric Blossom Liqueur

Our electric flower and red berries liqueur will make you vibrate thanks to our original recipe and the craft production with 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives or artificial coloring.

The secret of our drink is the infusion of the electric flower in sugar cane alcohol. We carefully carry out each one of the steps in the production process, from the selection of our ingredients to the distillation and bottling process, to achieve a maximum quality craft drink.

First, we grow the electric flower in our own gardens and we choose the best flowers in the summer. Next, we complete the formula with delicious strawberries and raspberries: the forest fruits add the characteristical rosy color of our liqueur, its aromatic variety and its complex taste with fruity nuances. With these ingredients we bring the forest and the rainforest together, to bring you all the sensuality and spontaneity of the earthly paradises, without neglecting the sophistication and elegance of the process to obtain an authentic craft product.

Be tempted by Love in the Morning and discover Eden in a bottle...

Love in the Morning liqueur