About us

Our company

Love in the Morning Liqueurs is a small company from Gijón, Asturias, Spain, comprised of two entrepreneurs - Javi, the "creative genius", and Miguel, "the numbers guy".

We decided to name our company after our product, Love in the Morning liqueur, because we felt it perfectly reflected how we like to do things: pouring all our love and care into the crafting of each and every single one of our bottles.

While Javi takes care of the electric flowers we grow in a little plot of land outside of Gijón, as well as the production process, Miguel is in Madrid, handling sales on all channels (B2B and B2C, including this very website).

Our team

Javier Candás Aparicio

Javi is the creative genius behind Love in the Morning. After discovering the electric flower during a trip to Ibiza, he figured there must be a way to craft a liqueur based on this flower. Said and done, after much tinkering about he developed the recipe which we use today to craft our unique and original liqueur.

Nowadays he splits his time in two, working part-time as a cocktail master barman in Varsovia, Gijón's trendiest cocktail bar, and taking care of the flowers, the production process of the liqueur and the marketing elements behind it.

Miguel Fenollosa Ricart

Miguel met Javi in Gijón in April 2019 through a mutual friend. When Javi showed Miguel the liqueur he had crafted, he immediately saw the huge potential it had on a global level, and offered to help Javi in this endeavour.

Having studied Business Management and International Management, Miguel developed the initial business plan for the company, and nowadays handles national and international sales, as well as the technical aspects of this website.